Probably the first thing you have noticed at your arrival in Russia is that stereotypes were a lie. But one is startlingly true. Some Russians really immerse themselves in the freezing water through a cross-shaped opening in the ice plane. This to celebrate the Christ Baptism, which in the Orthodox tradition is considered to be on the night from January 18 to 19.

Every year, many spots are prepared at the disposal of believers and people that participate just for fun (as the tradition is so strong that even many atheists perform it) on different lakes and water spots.

 Medical staff and professional rescuer supervise the event, at some places they offer facilities such as dressing rooms, also they can offer you a cup of hot tea to warm up.

Here we would like to share some places in Moscow that will be accommodated for the Holiday.

  1. Right in the city center! Near Kremlin. If you don’t really want to take part, but you want to take a look, this can be the best spot.
  2. The closest spot on a real lake will be on a pond in Sokolniky park. Take the direction of the “May glade” (Maisky Prosek) in the park.
  3. Ostankino lake. Near the TV tower. All the facilities will be installed. Adress: Ostankivskaya Street, 7
  4. Vorontsov ponds in “Воронцовский Парк” southwest of Moscow.
  5. Big Garden Pond in Timirazevsky park. Northwest of Moscow

However, be aware that such activities are not recommended to be performed by people with heart disease.