Gastronomical anniversary

On January 31, McDonald’s on Pushkinskaya Square will celebrate 30 years since the opening of the first restaurant in Russia. To celebrate this, McDonald’s wanted to sell its dishes at 1990 prices.
That would mean 3 rubles for a cheeseburger! 3 rub. is less than 0,05 USD.
Unfortunately, due to the taken measures to shut down risks of coronavirus spreading, the event was canceled or at least postponed.

McDonald’s on Pushkinskaya Square was the first to open in the USSR. Queues were so long that people stood for hours to taste a piece of American culture. The very first day of opening the “restaurant” hosted more than 30 000 visitors including communist party elites. This event was an important milestone in the “Perestroyka”.

Nowadays McDonald’s has especially strong positions on the Russian market. With 733 restaurants in Russia, every day it hosts more than 1,1 million visitors!
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