Made simple and tailored to your needs, your New home is just a few steps away

step 1 1. You tell us your preferences!

To become your Wingman, we need to know you and your family’s requirement. Tell us in detail what is important for you.

  • to be close to your kid’s school? (although in Moscow a lot of international schools have door-to-door bus services)
  • to be close to your work? (travelling by car in Moscow can be quite long. In rush hours, 2 km in car can take up to 1h!)
  • What are your hobbies? (connected to sports, outdoors activities, something creative or just hanging out with friends)

step 2 2. We get to work

Now that we know your needs, we are ready to see what is available in the whole Real Estate market.
We are not linked to any specific landlord or agency, so we scan the whole market for what you are looking for.
We then send you offers of apartments.
There might be additional questions at this point since Russia, as all different countries, is specific. But we know well this country and we will tell you openly and honestly what are the possibilities according to your needs.

step 3 3. You select apartments you want to view

We organize the viewings and check for all specifics of these apartments and their surroundings.
When choosing your new home, it is not just the apartment that matters, you need to be sure that all things that you need, from the beginning, are available, and you know where they are.

step 4 4. We give our best to get you the Best deal

We work for you. It is our goal to get you the best deal through our expertise in negotiation on Russian market. And we make sure contract is tailored to your terms.
Your job is only to prepare for a smooth move.

step 5 5. You choose your new home