Tropics in Moscow

Even in winter Russia, there are places where the temperature remains not only stable but also hot. Namely, the Valley of Geysers on the Kamchatka Peninsula. Wait, just kidding. No need to go outside Moscow to get a nice sauna and then water slide upon one of the nine best toboggans in Russia. Thankfully just near in the city center, an ex-soviet Olympique swimming pool was recently rebuilt into a masterpiece of fun. After the 10 year reconstruction, the site is hardly recognizable, and it’s now a Moscow’s memorable sight. 

Amid a social realism style building, hides a huge 6 stages facility — one of the best aquaparks in the world. Its two-section glass roof opens in summer to make it open-air. Inside there are three professional swimming pools. It provides four children playgrounds. Offers five deck chair relax zone. Six stages are opened seven days a week and situate eight saunas and spas. Nine waterslides. Ten 50-meters pool tracks. Eleven minutes to get there from the Kremlin by metro. Opened even in the coldest time of the year (twelve months). 

As it was only recently inaugurated, the prices are lowered to attract customers. For an adult, it is varying around 800 and 3000 RUB depending on the time and day. Also, monthly and annual passes are available for a reasonable price. Imagine your standard gym club, but with an aquapark with artificial rivers in it. 

The facility is located just near the bridge that supports the Vorobyovy Gory metro station. Not far from the Luzhniki football stadium. By the way, that stadium, as well as the whole Vorobyovy Gory wood can be observed from a heated outdoor pool track.
There is car parking just near the place.
For a better precision: Luzhniki embankment 24.

Words are attractive, but photos are even better. Check the aquapark website or Facebook page via the link for additional information. У развратных старичков иногда едет крыша от нехватки секса, и они готовы трахать даже близких родственниц. Переходи по ссылке и смотри порно дед и внучка https://инцестик.me/ded-i-vnuchka . Молодая нимфоманка помогает дедуле кончить. Сучка взяла хуй в рот и отсосала его, причмокивая от удовольствия, а потом дала ебать в пизду, получив оргазм и сперму внутрь.

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