Women’s Day !


On March the 8th, Moscow is celebrating International Woman’s Day!

You may already know, but the 8th of March is a serious date for Russians. Don’t be surprised if you’re a woman, to receive flowers and delightful gifts. And please men, get prepared declaring one’s love.

Turn back to the origins of this celebration: This holiday has emerged as a political celebration to symbolize the struggle of women around the world for their rights, full equality with men, democracy and peace. As time passed, the political motives of the holiday faded into the background and March 8 became a women’s holiday in Russia and other republics of the former USSR.

For the occasion Moscow offers free metro and bus tickets to all woman. Concerts, sports marathons, flash mobs and master classes will be organized in parcs such as Gorky, Sokolniki… All women and girls will have free access to the ice rinks at Bauman Garden, Hermitage Garden and Krasnaya Presnya Park. Visitors to the Bauman Garden skating rink will also be invited to an ice disco, which will start at 2 p.m.

Enjoy your weekend!

Get more information here: https://www.mos.ru/news/item/70335073/