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Week-End Agenda

– « Modern art of retail »: Exhibition in The Center of Contemporary art M’ARS together with X5 Retail Group and Krokin Gallery. The exhibition is interactive.  Business’ world is not as

New Year’s plans

How and where to spend the New Year in Russia? Russia is not only Moscow. There are plenty of cities where you can spend the New Year’s eve as it

Week-end Agenda

Franco-Belgian fair : From Friday November 29 to Sunday December 1, a collection of carefully selected Christmas and New Year gifts from France and Belgium, delicious dishes, regional dance, language

Drivers’ conundrum

Why the streets are so large and busy in Moscow?  During the 1930s, Moscow faced the same situation as Paris had experienced in the 1870s. The reshaping of the city

Week-end Agenda

  Ice skating : On November 22 and 23, the winter season’s big opening will take place on the territory of 20 parks. You can enjoy ice skating and ice

“Baby it’s cold outside”

Negative temperatures are approaching and time to renew your wardrobe too. However, if shopping can be a pleasure for some people, for others, it can quickly become a chore, especially

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