Moving services

relocation moving servicesOur company provides professional moving services. Our clients are legal entities and individuals. We expertly organize re-location of one person as well as a whole group of employees. Our specialization is a complete support of international transfer of employees of your company. If necessary, family members are included into the international move.

Depending on your goals, we are making a turnkey move.


Move management

The relocation program begins with an assessment of the scale of the move, its key points. Our specialists come to your bureau or home for a better understanding of the scope and a work plan. It helps us prepare a quality moving to a new house in Russia.

During the meeting, your manager will ask you questions about the move to better know moving services important to you and your personnel . If necessary, we draw a list of items to transport. Do not worry about the quality of the package; the team of professional movers will carefully prepare your property for transportation. We use special boxes and other packages. Rest assured, your things won’t get hurt during the move.

Search for premises in Moscow/Russia

help with moving to RussiaIf you need new office space or accommodation, the property selection department is at your service. Based on the request, we select you a list of suitable real estate properties. It could be an office, a warehouse, an apartment, and a house. For a successful search, you are to inform the manager of your wishes. It is important to know in which area you want to find the property; how many square meters there should be; what floor you’d like to have, etc. The list of preferences is not limited.

However, it is necessary to relate your expectations to the adequate offers of the real estate market. You are to specify a financial framework. If you are not acquainted with the area, the manager will tell you about the peculiarities of Moscow districts. This will help you decide on the choice of location.


Legal support of the transaction

Despite the fact that we are not exclusively a real estate agency, the selection of houses and offices is one of our main functions. It is a multi-leveled move management. After all, if there is nowhere to move in, moving will not be possible. The package of documents for the transaction depends directly on the type of transaction. Our experience allows us to easily check the provided documents. We check offices and homes for debt encumbrances. Each paper provided by the owner of the property is subject to inspection. In this way, we guarantee the security and complete transparency of the purchase/lease. Your manager is your representative. His functions aim to protect your interests.

Help in legalization

An important task of our moving services is to prepare documents for legalization in a new place. Depending on your position, we choose one of the options. This can be a request for a work permit visa or a temporary/permanent residence permit. Your assistant will advise you the best option. We will set up documents for the application of permits and accompany you to the authorities. If you need some documents from the country where you came from, you will be warned in advance. Thus, when you arrive in Russia, you will already have some documents ready.


Organization of life in a new place

Our company not only offers the moving, but also accompanies you; we take care of all the aspects of the moving family.


  • School. If there are school-age children in the family, you will be offered the organization of their placement in school. The school as well as real estate is chosen according to several parameters. Inform your manager of the strong points of the child. You can focus the manager’s attention on any important details. For some clients, the distance of the school from the house is important. For others, there is an additional foreign language. Each family is individual. Trust your manager with the choice of educational institution. You will be offered a list of schools with characteristics. This will help you choose the most appropriate option.
  • Medical care. One cannot imagine qualified move management without assistance in different directions. In the new place, you will need to get a health insurance card. Our employees will help you formalize it if there are legal prerequisites for it. If necessary, we recommend you private medical companies.
  • Registration. Registration in a new place is a must. Remember to include your new address in the services of your country of citizenship. This will help avoid future alert issues. For example, you must specify a new address in the post office to send letters from the old address, to the tax service, health service, etc.


Trust your move into the hands of professionals with extensive experience. Later on, we will tell you more details about our moving services. You will find out the tips to arrange a successful re-location. Our clients are happy people who successfully settle in a new place in Moscow. Moscow is a megalopolis of unlimited possibilities.