Visa solutions

russian tourist visaWhen business concerns moving, transfer of office from one country in another, people fear bureaucratic problems and a difficult visa application process. Our team consists of specialists on visa solutions in Russia. Rely on us in this matter, and the process of moving will take place without trouble!

There is a whole list of visas in Russia. In this text we will describe the most popular visas you or your employees may need.

Of course, the most common type of visa is tourist. The tourist visa does not give you the right to work, with it you can only travel and expand your horizons for thirty days. It is the maximum term.

Tourist visa

To obtain an ordinary tourist visa the purposes of travelling to Russia should be as follows:

  • ordinary tourism;
  • target tourism;
  • hunting;
  • tourism 72 hours (cruise ships);
  • tourist groups.

Business visa

The next one that will interest you much more is a business visa. It is notable precisely because while in Russia you will be able to carry out working activities within the framework of a specific company, seminar, etc. The longest validity period is five years. However, do not forget that the 90 by 180 rule applies here. Contact our manager for a detailed explanation and other visa solutions.

The objectives of the visit may be:

  • busness visa to Russiabusiness;
  • commercial;
  • servicing;
  • lecturer;
  • negotiations;
  • adoption;
  • treatment;
  • inspector;
  • driver;
  • business trip of media;
  • press/correspondent;
  • crew member;
  • accompanying a family member (on business trip);
  • readmission.

Work visa

work visa to RussiaThis type of visa is granted for up to three years. It allows full employment without restrictions, as in the case of a business visa. You will be able to officially work full-time, have the same rights and duties as working citizens of the Russian Federation. Unlike a business visa, having the status of an employee, you are not obliged to leave the country every X days, you can fully live and stay in Russia while the visa is valid. Ask your manager about residence permit.

The objectives of a work visa visit may be:

  • hired labor;
  • teacher;
  • foreign employee;
  • correspondent of media;
  • technical employee of media;
  • accompanying a family member (while working);
  • vacation works.

Visa for study in Russia

visa for study in RussiaIf you plan to study in Russia, consider obtaining student status. Such a visa will allow you to stay in the country for the duration of your training. Of course, there are nuances, but if the educational institution passed accreditation, the documents are collected correctly, then there is nothing complicated. Welcome Abroad guarantees you accuracy in collecting exactly the necessary documents, punctuality. We will appoint you a manager who will oversee each stage and monitor the timing of the application, the fees of certificates, etc. All you have to do is act on the manager’s recommendation.

The objectives of a visit to Russia on a study visa may be as follows:

  • postgraduate study;
  • training;
  • courses;
  • study;
  • specialization;
  • accompanying a family member (while studying).

It should be noted that the situation of each person and family is individual. Sign us up for a consultation right now. We will review your relocation plans, important details and offer a suitable legalization option. If the situation permits, we will provide you with several options, tell you about the peculiarities of each and help you decide on your choice. Welcome Abroad is a specialist in the areas of re-location and legalization in Russia.