Maslenitsa festival

Celebrating the passage from winter to spring, the oldest surviving Slavic holiday begins the 21st February till 1st March. For a whole week, people eat pancakes, visit family and bid farewell to winter.

Each day has its meaning: On Monday Russians welcome Maslenitsa, people make a straw-stuffed figure of winter and put a traditional costume on. Tuesday is called zaigrysh (game day) and Russians start all sorts of activities: streets are full of people in carnival costume and dance. Wednesday is the day where delicious food, baked pancakes and brewed beer are on every tables. Symbolizing the sun, pancakes will be on every street corner.  Maslenitsa is a very famous tradition where families and friends gather together to eat pancakes with sour cream, caviar and salmon.

Festivities go on to the end of Maslenitsa which is considered as the day of purification from sin.

The city has organized many events all over Moscow such as folk concerts, street performance and free tours. Most of them will take place in city’s parks, as well as along pedestrian streets.

A total of 29 festive places with many activities such as culinary, creative and handcraft master classes are waiting for you! You can go skating on Tverskoy square, go to Izmailovo park see a traditional performance. For sure you will have some fun!

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