Relocation to Russia

relocation to RussiaWondering how to move in Russia? Entrust your question Welcome Abroad Relocation Real Estate. We will provide for you the most comfortable travel to Moscow or any other Russian city or town. Welcome Abroad Relocation Real Estate completely guarantees your safety, takes on the bureaucratic routine. We will help you to find an apartment to buy or to rent. Our agents will negotiate with the owners and check the legal purity of the contract. Our agency has been working in Russia for a long time and already has helped many clients to move to their historical or new homeland. Trust us — ensure yourself a convenient and fast relocation!

Why move to Russia?

Despite the prejudices, Russia is a friendly modern country with a great culture. A family or professional relo to Russian Federation will be completely safe for you. Our agents will prepare all the documents necessary for the move. We will take care of the comfort and safety of you and each member of your family. If necessary, Welcome Abroad Relocation Real Estate provides the special conditions for meeting and accommodation. No more paperwork and unnecessary costs: we offer only honest customer-oriented service. Our goal is to make your relocation as convenient as possible — just come and start a better life!

There are many advantages of relocation to Russia. Below we will discuss the most important ones.

Rich culture

The Russian Federation is not only a modern progressive country. It’s a truly treasury of the ancient culture of the Russian, Tatar, Scythian and other ethnics. Cultural assets are freely available in museums: here you can always find something unusual and breathtaking.relocate to Russia easy

Another cultural value of Russia is unique architecture. A wide variety of architectural styles are presented in this country: from Old Russian to Classicism, Modern and Neoclassicism. The most famous architectural treasures of Russia that you will see after relocating to Russia are:

  • St. Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow.
  • Cathedral of the Savior on Spilled Blood in St. Petersburg.
  • Ancient buildings in cities that are part of the Golden Ring.

You can see all this by moving to Russia — and we will find the best ways to relocate for you!

We must not forget about living culture. Festivals of national cultures, impressive shows and performances are regularly held in Russia. The opportunity to touch such a rich cultural treasury is a great reason to move, isn’t it?

Education for children and adults

help with russian languigeThe quality of Russian education is recognized throughout the world. After moving to Russia your children will be able to get free basic, secondary and higher education. If you wish, you can send your children to elite private schools — this opportunity is open to everyone relocating. Welcome Abroad Relocation Real Estate will help you choose a school, prepare documents for admission. We will do our best to make you and your children feel as comfortable as possible in the new place.

In addition to schools and universities, you can enroll in various additional education courses. These are all kinds of music, art, dance schools. There are educational courses for adults in Russia — you can always get new useful and interesting knowledge here.

New opportunities for business

Russia is a country open to new ideas and investments. After executive relocation you can open your own business or get a job in a large state or international corporation. Don’t miss the opportunity to develop your business — or take up a new interesting project!

Many of European people believe that Russians are cold and closed people. In fact, this is not so: by showing an interest in the language and national traditions you can quickly make new loyal friends. Welcome Abroad Relocation Real Estate will provide you with a comfortable and safe move — without deception, unpleasant surprises and unnecessary expenses.

Advantages of Welcome Abroad Relocation Real Estate

If you relocate to Russia with the help of our agency, you guarantee yourself comfort and safety. We can say this because:

  • We have been working for over 15 years. The agency employs only professionals who can select an apartment for you, check the transparency of the transaction and prepare all the necessary documents.
  • We care about clients, not about our income. We will do our best to ensure that your relocation goes without any complications.
  • We take care of all formalities related to the prime relocation or relocation to Russia after a long stay abroad. Don’t need to waste time on obtaining numerous documents — you will only deal with really important matters!

We offer affordable prices and the highest level of relocation convenience. Contact us — ensure yourself the perfect move!