Relocation to Russia

Our company provides high quality relocation services to make your move as comfortable as possible. No matter whether you move alone or together with your family, we take care of everyone. Our team will answer any questions regarding real estate market, for instance, if you have never been to Russia before, we will tell you about specific features of areas you are interested in.

Throughout the moving process, we will be discussing the most important points; it all helps us to find the best solution for you. It stands not only for accommodation search, but also we are to make sure that every member of your family is perfectly set in a new place.

For instance, if you have children of a school age, it is important to look for a place with a school nearby. If you do not drive or simply prefer public transport, it would be great to have a bus stop or a metro station within walking distance. All this kind of things may seem insignificant, but they are key when you are moving to a new place and even more important if it is a new country.

Culture of Russia

If you relocate to Russia, it can change your vision of culture forever.  Russia is a multifaceted country. It is a nice and safe place with rich cultural heritage.

You must have heard about such outstanding poets and writers as Pushkin, Dostoyevsky, Turgenev, this list can be continued on and on. Russia is the homeland of Mussorgsky, Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninov and many other well-known compositors. The State Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg and the Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow will make an unforgettable impression on you and only open the endless list of museums and galleries throughout the whole country.

If you are thinking about relocating to Russia, you found the right place. Our company focuses on moving to Russian cities, in particular Moscow and St. Petersburg, or any other city of the Russian Federation.

Russian education system

Moving to Russia can open you new horizons. Russia has wonderful state education system. It consists of three stages: primary, basic general and secondary education.

The first part takes 4 years and begins since the child is 7 years old, and then there are 5 years of basic “pre-secondary” school. When this stage is finished, a student can decide either to continue secondary education or to go for specialized secondary education. Anyway, it lasts 2 more years.

As a rule, all three stages are based in the same building, while specialized education is held in a different location. Unlike it is in Europe, most of Russian students decide to get higher education.

Language question

Before relocation to Russia, you should know that very few people here speak English fluently. Learning Russian is highly recommended if you decide to stay in this country. Although Russian is not simple, the Russians are friendly and sharp-witted.

In case of need they will try to do their best to understand you; you can use facial expressions and gestures to explain your thoughts.

Many people think that the Russians are cold and closed, but just the other way around they are very welcoming, they love when friends come to visit them and are happy to visit their friends too. If you invite your Russian friends home, they will definitely bring sweets to treat you. When entering the house of a Russian it is common to take off shoes and leave them in the corridor. You may be offered a pair of home slippers so that your feet do not get cold.



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