They were waiting for snow!

Oh, what fun it is to ride in a one-horse open sleigh…

Historically, winter in Russia was the best time to travel. When the snow covers the frozen mud of the roads, and the lane became a beaming crust, the best way to overcome distances is to slide on a good old sleigh.

Horses, deer, and dogs were widely in use. Unfortunately, today we don’t handle such means of transport daily, but we know some places near Moscow where you can enjoy the feeling of speed with real sled dogs.

Most Moscow parks organize special places where visitors can pet Siberian Huskies. Usually, at those stands, people can also rent tubes for sliding or hire a dog team to take a ride. The best examples of such facilities are Izmailovo, Sokolniki, and Tsaritsino Parks in Moscow. 

The benefit of such places, their proximity, is also the reason for the greatest disadvantage, as the ride is rather small and there is only a little time to appreciate it.

To have a more exciting journey we would recommend to go for a full day on husky kennels in the suburbs or even in the countryside. There are a lot of them around Moscow, some even count more than a hundred dogs. Here the journey takes another scale, as such places offer a wide variety of entertainment, long trips, and hikes with ethnic events and survival courses. 

Here we would like to list some places:

1. Huskyland 

Near fishing estate “Ostrov”

2. Ethnic Club “Eco Husky Park” Ramenskoye 

Near the city Ramensky

3. Zoofarm “Shihovo”

Moscow region, Dmitrovsky district, Village Komarovka

4. Family kennels “Artyomov”

Moscow region, Dmitrovsky district, City of Dmitrov

5. TSAR Voyages

“TSAR Voyages” is a polyvalent event organizer for foreigners.

Unfortunately, these websites are only in Russian. If you want to reduce the uncertainty and go straight ahead to the point, we recommend a hosting company that will take charge of the organization.

Remember to take some warm clothes for you and treats for dogs!