Relocation services

Cozy Relocation for your Family

relocation servicesOur company is dedicated to manage relocations with ease. From the very beginning, we take care of every step of your move. We provide moving services no matter whether you move domestically or you deal with international relocation.

What are the advantages of applying for professional relocation services?

  • When you deal with a company, you deal with professional staff with ages of experience. Experience allows us to foresee the things that you might not be expecting.
  • The company is a legal entity; all relations between us will be formalized by drawing up a formal contracts and papers. Legally your rights are protected, which means they are safe and transparent.

Reliable Real Estate Services

Besides relocation services we provide real estate search and viewings as well. To pick up the desired property we will be asking you for some details:

  • real estate for expatsWould you like to rent or to buy?
  • The type of the property you are looking for (an apartment, a detached house, etc?)
  • The number of bedrooms, bathrooms, etc.
  • If looking for an apartment, which floor is preferred? Is an elevator a must?
  • If you already know the area more or less, what are the preferred districts?

You can also tell us about other features important for you. The idea is to find the property meeting your requirements so that you could feel completely satisfied with your relocation. We accompany you during the viewings. In case it is necessary, we arrange remote reservation as well providing photo and video of the properties of interest. Once you have picked up the property, our solicitors ensure the property is not burdened, and there are no community issues and prepare a rental/purchase contract.

School Admission Assistance 

All families are different and may have personal necessities. Our coordinators will help you arrange schools and kindergartens. The choice of a school is always considered to be the most important choice for children in new place.

The main points of school search assistance:

  • relocation school search assistanceIndividual approach to your family.
  • Explanation of the school system when differs from your current home country.
  • Building the list of schools in the area you are relocating to with highlights of each.
  • Scheduling appointments with the selected schools for interviews.
  • Registration and admission guidance.

Our coordinators have experience to help you narrow down the list of schools depending on your children’s interests and your priorities.

Our aim is to make your life easier and as less stressful as possible. Do not hesitate to call us right now to get more information on our relocation services!