Maybe in your plate for Christmas eve !

At an exception, this year astronauts on the international space station will stand with no caviar. This dish, contrary to the tradition, was not included on the cargo list.

Caviar is considered to be a typical Russian thing; indeed, Russia is a big producer and it’s well known for the quality of its caviar, but since Russia’s internal consumption is very high, there is barely any export. Today most European import comes from other sources, like Iran and China.

To have the proper Russian caviar for Christmas, we advise you to buy only in verified places. But the provenance of the caviar is more important than the shop since you don’t want to buy illegal merchandise.

1.Dorogomilovsky market

Dorogomilovsky and Danilovsky markets are places where people traditionally go to buy ingredients for special events.

2. La Marée

La Marée is a chain of luxurious fish restaurants with strong wholesale providers. However, they not only cook delicious food, but they also retail their delicacies at fair prices and with all the documentation.

3. Russian Caviar House

One of the legit places to buy Caviar is shops of the “Russian Caviar House”, this company produces more than half of caviar available on the market. At their farms they breed sturgeons and harvest caviar with the respect of all existing regulations, thus their production is of great quality and perfectly legal.

4. Сахалин Рыба “Красная Икра”

Shops chain Сахалин Рыба is a well-known: unpretentious shop to buy salmon eggs, they also sell crab meat and small caviar jars.

The correct packaging for caviar is a tin or glass jar and its weight is measured in grams or ounces, which is indicated on the package.

Remember to check the customs regulation upon import for your country, if you decided to take it home. For the EU and UK, for example, the maximum weight is 125 grams.