Week-end Agenda

  • Board games festival in Sokolniki Park : “Igrokon” is the largest in Russia festival of board games and home entertainment, uniting people of various ages and interests at the playing tables.The nearest “Igrokon” will take place on November 16 and 17, 2019 in Moscow (Sokolniki Park). More than 1000 different games, tournaments, master classes, contests, cosplay and more are waiting for you! It is fun and exciting to spend time at the festival for families with children, friends and lovers. Follow the news and learn more on the event’s website where you can buy tickets : https://igrokon.org/#tickets
  • Cable car over the Moskva River: Take your flight up the Sparrow Mountain from the cable car installed there. You can access it via the metro stations Sportivnaya, Frounzanskaya or Vorobiovy Gory but it is also possible to access it by walking from the Gorki Park from a long walk on the Moskva’s banks. This small cable car trip will allow you to overlook the river, and you will enjoy an incredible view of Moscow.

  • « Rainy Day in New York » at Pyat Zvyozd Cinema in english  : A young couple arrives in New York for a weekend where they are met with bad weather and a series of adventures and misadventures. We don’t say anything else and let you discover the new Woody Allen’s movie  ! More info on the cinema’s website : http://www.5zvezd.ru