“Baby it’s cold outside”

Negative temperatures are approaching and time to renew your wardrobe too.

However, if shopping can be a pleasure for some people, for others, it can quickly become a chore, especially when we have little time to devote to this activity. But here we are, before winter and especially in Russia, it is often necessary to go through “warm clothes purchases”. Don’t worry, we have a good plan for you so you don’t get out in the cold or spend hours in stores for sometimes not finding anything in the end!

Online shopping in Russia is a sector with an astronomical growth in a country with enormous logistical challenges. You may already be a fan of online shopping, but did you know that the services offered by some online stores in Russia can offer even more advantages than simply not having to get out? In the rest of this article, we will present the advantages of online shopping in Russia’s major cities. Shopping online is a time saver, it means not having to carry heavy bags and especially not spending more than expected by being tempted by additional items found in the shops. In this e-commerce market, we find brands of clothing and accessories like Lamoda and Wildberries, Ozon who positions itself as the Russian Amazon, but also the online pharmacy apetka.ru.

Wildberries was originally specialized in clothing, but now you can find food, books, decoration or medicine.

Advantages, not all specific, to do your sopping online in Russia:

1. Pay only if you like the item received

This is not satisfied or refunded since during your online order you did not have to pay but were able to make the choice to pay when receiving item! Concretely, you go on an online store, choose an item, decide to order it and during the validation of your basket you have the option «pay under delivery». There is no need to pay in advance. The principle is “try and pay”.

2. Make fitting at home or at a location of your choice

The time and place of your fitting are at your convenience for the price of the courier service.

4. Try several sizes

3. Benefit from promotional codes

An example of an e-commerce site offering these services is the Russian e-commerce site Lamoda. Indeed, the Russian postal service is not deemed to be very efficient, that is why Lamoda has developed its own logistics structure: Lamoda Express. In Moscow, the service offered by Lamoda is royal! For any order placed between midnight and 1 pm, you can have delivery the same day by choosing the place that suits you and a time slot between 7 pm and 11 pm. Whether the order satisfies you or not, the price of the delivery is 300 rubles. Lamoda references more than 800 brands of clothing and accessories!

You can access to all the websites by clicking on them in the article. Have a good time !