Week-end Agenda

Kuskovo : also known as Russian Versailles, is a summer residential palace that use to be a part of the Sheremetev heritage. This was one of the wealthiest and most influential noble families in Russia.  For instance, the Sheremetyevo airport bears the name of this family because it was built near one of their villages.
The palace is situated in the middle of a huge parc with lakes, French and English gardens, a multitude of buildings and even a greenhouse. Due to its location it hasn’t been damaged by the WWII and now displays many pieces of furniture from the original collection.
Elegant and simple it’s a wonderful destination both of those who want to enjoy the last days of autumn and for those who want to appreciate historical places and luxury.
And if you caught a cold during this week, don’t worry, as the splendor of the place attracts filmmakers, you can still take a look at this place through classical must-see film “Gardes-Marines, Ahead!” or a more recent blockbuster “Admiral”.

Link to learn more : http://kuskovo.ru

Ballet “Dracula-beginning”: At a first glance Russia is not the best place to celebrate Halloween, however the scale of this show will impersonate you. On the 3 of November at 19:00 in the Kremlin palace will be the representation of the new Opera-Ballet performance “Dracula Beginning”. 50 best actors, singers and dancers will take you back in time to the epoch of vampires, adventures and true love. Good to mention that at this celebration you may consider your black-tie costume as a decent substitute to your spooky Halloween outfit.

Buy your tickets here : https://kremlinpalace.org/events/balet-drakula-nachalo

Unity Day: This national holiday in Russia commemorates the popular uprising which expelled Polish-Lithuanian occupation forces from Moscow in November 1612.  We have published an article about the origins of this day some time ago. This time it will be celebrated in Moscow with a particular magnitude. More than 150 performances will be held in the city center during the week end, varying from ethnical songs and dances to pottery master classes and street theaters.

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