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Among many art exhibitions in Russia, some amaze by their scale. This summer in Odinsovo, a suburb of Moscow, was held a street art festival called Urban Morphogenesis. 26 canvases 57 meters each were offered to 80 painters from 26 countries. During several days each of them was doing his best to embellish the city and show his talent and skills. Today their work is being shown and not only attracts tourists and onlookers but also increases the real estate price.

Moscow became a must-see location to street art fans since 2016, when a special governmental program was launched, attracting and financing Russian and foreign artists. This time it was in Moscow’s city center. Many of those paintings remain until today. Some of them are even older, for example, Eduardo Kobra’s ballerina. The most popular themes remain: patriotic banners, historical and literary paintings. For example, just in front of the Kremlin, not far from Vladimir’s statue, there are three murals. One showing Minin and Pozharsky, the two heroes of the recently celebrated Unity Day. The second displaces the field Marshal Kutuzov, the “Russian Admiral Nelson”, and the third represent an interpretation of the Soviet War Memorial soldier in Berlin.

Russia is also famous for its artists, for example, the world-wide known street artist Rustam QBic, holding a portfolio that includes works in Europe and America. Generally, his works are soft, mysterious and thoughtful. Here are some examples that were made in Moscow:

Some people complain that many murals have been destroyed recently, however, this is a logical way to free space for further works or restore the wall. So, if you particularly like a mural in Moscow, but you haven’t yet seen it or take a photo with it, hurry up, this weekend may be your last chance to contemplate it. Хотите в подробностях увидеть как именно молодых девушек трахают крупным планом в их важные дырочки? Тогда вы точно по адресу. Именно для этого наш сайт и был сделан, чтобы каждый мог включить порево на своем экране и наслаждаться им от начала и до конца. Нужно просто нажать на кнопку смотреть порно видео и попасть на специально подготовленную для этого дела страницу. Где все мечты сбудутся.

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