Halloween In Moscow!

Halloween is celebrated in Moscow this weekend. For all who are looking for a Halloween night out, there are many clubs organising celebrations.

But kids are also not forgotten! In State Biological Museum on 28th of October you can join in to parade of Monsters. These will not be real sized T-rex or Vampires, but all the animals and bugs that are actual monsters, just luckily in smaller size?.

It will be a really good way to get to know these small monsters and understand they are not as scary as they seem. Of course, there will be masterclasses and lectures, so one more good way to brush up on your Russian?.

And if you still haven’t found your costume for Halloween, just a few tips from us where to buy:

– Arte shop on Arbat – https://www.arte-grim.ru/

весёлая затея – many locations around the city


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