Which market offers better food?!

From the moment you set your foot in Moscow everybody starts praising Danilovsky market for its amazing food court! Well, since not so long ago , another market got renovated – Centralniyi market, we visited both to tell you which one you should focus on first!

Danilovsky market

Danilovsky market is really a market. It is next to metro Tulskaya and it has a huge food court, with different foods from all around the world. It is full of foreigners. And if you come during weekends it is very hard to find space to sit down. It has a big place outside to sit. But could be a little challenging to do in the cool days that have already arrived. The market is in the center and food court goes around the whole market. If you are with kids it is a bit challenging with a lot of people there. Купили смартфон, хотите играть в любимое казино на мобильном девайсе? Вот ссылка на страницу где вы можете Скачать казино Космолот на айфон или андроид устройство.

Centralniyi market is next to Trubnaya metro. It is a new space where food court is on 1st level while for the market you need to go down the stairs. It also offers wide variety of food from all over the world. It has more space to sit indoors and you can feel Russian there. It is a better choice for kids, since the food court smells only of food being prepared and not the one sold on stands. And the plants on the ceiling give it a fresh touch.

Both need to be visited at least once, but if you plan on buying fresh foods it is much better to find a smaller market because prices will be considerably lower. And last tip – on any market, check the stands outside, usually the prices are much lower!

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