World football is here!!

The day has finaly come. Moscow is filling up with football fans from all around the world. And we believe Moscow is ready.

There are some things every person should know when in moscow while FIFA world cup is here. You absolutely need to register in 3 days ( if you don’t know how, call us -Welcome abroad, for assistance). With your Fan ID you can ride Moscow metro for free. In Metro you have screens showing all you need to know when travelling around Moscow, and it is also in English. Around the city and in metro there are many volunteers in red who can help you. And we heard Moscow people will smile a lot more during world cup?.

Also, if you are not going for the matches, there are places all over the town to enjoy football feeling. Around GUM on Red Square there will be permanent fotball square for the whole month starting from 21 june till 15th july every day from 10h till 22h. Biggest place for all football fans is on Vorobyovy gory.  They are also announcing that in these zones famous footballers will come and there are many masterclasses and football fun stuff to do. Hope you have a great time and enjoy this football month to the most!!

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