World Cup to remember!!!! Thank you Russia!

Years and months of expectations are done! We have the winner of the world – France! In the toughest final ever! Congratulations France!

It was an amazing world cup that, hopefully, showed the world how great and friendly Russian people are ❤️! It was, after a lot of time, a Cup with tons of goals and surprising outcomes!

Also, not to forget, though 2nd place winners Croatia, that made people fall in love with this small country!

And last but not least, the 3rd place winners – Belgium who sent the English home!

Russia showed they can also do much more then even their people believed!!

Now all of us need a few days to get back to normal life and wait for European Championship that starts in 2 years!  Hope to see all the teams really soon and hopefully in the same positive fighting mode⚽️⚽️??!!!

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