Moscow apps survivor kit n°8 – KudaGo tells you where to go!

Want to know what is happening in Moscow? Then KudaGo is definitely what you need!!
The app, available on Play and Apple Store, gives you a huge list of events you can attend to in the capital as well as other cities in Russia : concerts, movies, theater, exhibitions, festivals, hobbies and activities for kids, you will find it all on the app!
The app is in English, so even foreigners should easily be able to use its functionnalities.
Of course you can make a search with all basic criteria such as the category, the date, or the name of the event as well as even select only free events by ticking on the box in the lower part of the screen
The geolocation of events on the map will please both the never-tired-what’s-happening-next? folks who would like to see how to get to that awesome concert right after attending the need-to-see exhibition of the month, and the lazy ones who would just like to go to the nearest event in their neighbourhood
The only downside for expats is that a number of events are only described in Russian, so you will need to translate their description or copy the title in you browser to access the website in English.
But even with that, it gives you tons of ideas of what to do and see, and illustrating pictures allow yo to have a first opinion on the event. Иногда трах девушек другой национальности получается таким особенным, что хочется смотреть его, а не как трахают представительниц твоего народа. Та же категория азиатки анал поэтому и была создана, чтобы вы могли наслаждаться тем как фигуристых азиаток сажают на члены задницами. А они с непривычки аж громко стонут и кричат. If you create your KudaGo profile, you will also be able to mark events as favorites, post comments and share ideas with friends on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, VKontakt)
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