Moscow Apps Survivor Kit – N°2 TUTU

Today’s selection by WAb-leaks is TUTU, as the sound that Russian trains make! on the web, and the app TUTU is the  allow you to buy tickets for trains all around Russia.






Though it is in Russian only, it is simple to use and requires limited vocabulary.
On the search page, enter your departure town, your destination and the date.








Available tickets are shown within 3 classes. First class is known as Luxe or “SV” (СВ in Russian) : usually 9 cabins for two in one wagon. Second class is «coupe» (купе) with 9 cabins for four in the wagon. And third class is “platskart” (плац) : an open wagon of 54 beds. Перенестись в мир азарта и адреналина вам поможет вот этот официальный сайт.







Once you have selected an option by clicking on it you can change the number of passengers on the top part of the screen where the number of billets is written, and then select you places on the image of the wagon.







In order to buy your tickets you will have to enter you a lot of information including you passeport number : make sure you select “foreigner” (иностранные) in the choice list for the type of passport.








You are now ready to get everywhere! Trains in Russia are a real experience, but do not forget you ID for you will need it to get on the train!


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