Settling in services

We will make sure you settle in smoothly!

We are also Expats, who have our own families in Russia.
We are then the best source of information and we can manage any problem you might have in the beginning.
Because we also survived the beginnings.

We will not just show you the closest shopping mall, or solve your internet issue;

we will make sure that – If you are looking for climbing walls, or going curling,

or playing darts, in your local Pub – WE WILL FIND IT FOR YOU!

Settling in services

moving in a new countryMoving to a new country is not just about changing the environment and climate. You are getting new connections in a new place. What should be taken care of before moving to a new country? First, select a move specialist to help you settle in. Welcome Abroad is a leading company in the field of re-location to Russia. Our staff consists of professionals with great experience. Contact us right now to ask questions about the future move.

It is not so easy to establish life in a new country without help. It may take a long time. Big obstacles are waiting for those who do not speak Russian. The manager appointed to you will provide excellent settling-in assistance. We will recommend the agency when official translation of documents is needed. Welcome Abroad provides a full range of services you may not have thought about.

First steps in settling in

First of all, it is necessary to do the following:

  • First steps in settling inregister at the place of new residence. In the country of previous stay, it is also necessary to provide your new address.
  • register with the local tax service.
  • obtain a compulsory (or voluntary) health insurance card or policy. Your manager will help you find insurance companies for your family, as well as for insurance of your employees.
  • consider the possibility of replacing your driver’s license. If necessary, the manager will send you the contacts of good schools.

For a comfortable settling in, opening a bank account is recommended. Consult your manager about banking terms. Having considered all the options, you will be able to focus on the most profitable, including multi-currency accounts, opening credit lines and mortgage loan offers.

Our specialists will help you settle in when moving to a new place.

  • We will help you choose a competent family doctor and other medical professionals.
  • We will introduce your family to trustworthy lawyers.
  • You will be provided with contacts of experienced financial solicitors.

Socialization in the new place

settling in servicesThe company provides support in your own language and accompanies you at every stage of socialization in the new place. The main benefits of contacting us are:

  • Reliability and expertise of professionals.
  • Huge time savings.
  • Rapid socialization.
  • Work with a legal entity under an official contract.

Call us now or leave an application through the contact form. We will contact you ASAP.