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Relocation to Moscow

Welcome to your new home!

If you are reading this text, you may probably be thinking of relocating to Moscow. Let us say a few words about this city. Moscow is constantly growing; new residential complexes are being built, commercial and business centres are being opened, the city is literally getting bigger and bigger every day! Nevertheless, what exactly attracts people? Why is it so popular? The answer is the following:

  • Moscow is a city of opportunities. Everyone willing can find what they want and realize their dreams. For example, there is job for everyone, whether you are a professional, or a part-time student, etc. It is a megalopolis with its own life and atmosphere and the more people there are in a city the more work needs to be done.
  • Moscow is a city of outstanding places and architecture. Moscow subway is considered to be the most beautiful in the world. By the way, it is very convenient and super easy to use. There are hundreds of monuments, buildings, street lines worth looking through!
  • This is a city of contrasts. You can enjoy the weather in all its forms, from freezing cold to sunny hot days. You can meet new people and go to new places every day still without repeating. The rhythm of the city makes you feel alive, strong and ready for new achievements.

We can continue talking about Moscow forever, however, it is better to see once than hear a hundred times.

Entrust your relocation in our hands

If you are planning to relocate to Moscow, Russia, and you are looking for moving services, welcome to our company. There is no better support team when moving abroad. We provide all kinds of moving services and stay in contact with you at every stage of your relocation to Moscow.

Real Estate Search

Our team has access to the widest range of real estate, including business class and prestigious luxury properties in every area in Moscow as well as in the Moscow region. You can rely on our solicitors; they analyze and prepare a rental/purchasing contract. All paper work is totally safe and transparent.

  • We accompany you.
    Our specialists accompany you while viewing properties to rent/buy.
  • Only meeting your requirements properties.
    We prepare the list of properties taking into account your requirements. You get to inform us what kind of property you are looking for, what the features are, how many bedrooms, bathrooms, the preferable districts, distance to the subway and so on. Just outline what really matters for you.
  • Pet relocation.
    If we deal with pet relocation, it is also important to mention. Our team arranges pet relocation as well; we will take care of all issues with documents, tickets, vaccination passport, all it takes to bring your pet with you.

Document support at all stages

Our aim is to help you move to Moscow feeling comfortable. If you are a foreigner, we will explain you in details visa or residence permit solutions. There are different ways one can follow depending on your situation, nationality, work and family circumstances, etc. Our solicitors’ department works on document issues; they prepare and check the documents you have in order to correctly apply for the residence permit or other permission you need to live in Moscow legally.


Language support

As for the language, some of our clients prefer studying Russian before moving to Moscow. Others begin only when they come here. If you have not started yet and you do not speak Russian, we recommend concrete language training courses and language schools and help you apply for them. However, if you speak English, there should not be any problem. Nowadays many people in Moscow speak English and will likely understand you with little effort. Nevertheless, for long term staying it is better to know at least basic words and be able to communicate on the beginner’s level.

Our company provides helpline and support so you feel safe and secured; you are not alone in the big city. Shall there be any difficulties, do not hesitate to contact the manager that works on your case. For further questions, please, contact us, we will gladly answer.


Women’s Day !

  On March the 8th, Moscow is celebrating International Woman’s Day! You may already know, but the 8th of March is a serious date for Russians. Don’t be surprised if

Circus on tour !

The Canadian troupe Cirque du Soleil revolutionizes circus for more than 35 years. The largest contemporary circus producer in the world was founded in 1984. Synonymous with dreams, audacity and

Maslenitsa festival

Celebrating the passage from winter to spring, the oldest surviving Slavic holiday begins the 21st February till 1st March. For a whole week, people eat pancakes, visit family and bid


For the first time in Russia will be the fashion event held by the legendary French designer Jean Paul Gaultier. Pointed bras and men’s skirts, costumes for Madonna and Milena

Gastronomical anniversary

On January 31, McDonald’s on Pushkinskaya Square will celebrate 30 years since the opening of the first restaurant in Russia. To celebrate this, McDonald’s wanted to sell its dishes at

They were waiting for snow!

Oh, what fun it is to ride in a one-horse open sleigh… Historically, winter in Russia was the best time to travel. When the snow covers the frozen mud of

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