Welcome Abroad can help you throughout visa and registration process

step Visas

Our services include procuring the invitation letter required for the visa to be issued, for both working and tourist visas.Contact us to find out more on our visa services and our fees.

step Registration

Important information: All foreigners are required to register with the authorities within a seven-day period after arriving in Russia. Failure to do so may result in having to pay a fine. Our company can assist you in completing the registration procedure.
Contact us to find out more on this service and our fees.

Immigration to Russia

Have you dreamed of immigration to Russia for a long time? Welcome Abroad Relocation Real Estate will help you complete the move quickly and safely! We will organize your relocation or repatriation to Moscow or any other Russian city. Our agency fully takes care of the legal formalities. We will help you to find an apartment for purchase or rent. Welcome Abroad Relocation Real Estate fully undertakes negotiations with the homeowners. We have been working for many years and during this time we have helped dozens of clients. We will take care of each member of your family — contact the agency and make sure that the move can be comfortable!

Why immigrate to Russia?

Welcome Abroad Relocation Real Estate works with expat relocation services, ensures complete safety and the highest degree of comfort when moving. We guarantee that the relocation process will not upset you or cause you in trouble.

There may be several reasons for repatriation or relocation:

  • You have decided to return to your historical homeland. Our agency will do everything to make your dream come true as soon as possible — and return you to the place where you will truly feel like you have come to immigrate to Russia
  • You’re thinking about immigration to Moscow or another Russian city because one of your family members is Russian. In this case, Welcome Abroad Relocation Real Estate will help you to obtain the necessary visa, permits and other documents for immigration. Our agents are real professionals: they will help you find an apartment, organize the moving process with high quality.
  • You want to open a business in Russia. We offer a full set of expat relocation solutions — you don’t have to waste time getting dozens of documents and communicating with intermediaries. Just move — and develop your project in a friendly and modern country!

Self-immigration is not an easy process. Entrust the hassle of paperwork and preparation for trip to us — and simply enjoy life in Russia!

What services do we provide

Welcome Abroad Relocation Real Estate offers clients a full range of services for expat relocation. We carry out preparatory work, ensure the passage of the main stages of the move:

  • Getting a visa. We will make for you an invitation letter necessary for obtaining a visa. This document is needed to obtain a tourist, work and other types of visa. Contact us to clarify the timing and cost of preparing documents.
  • Registration. In accordance with Russian law, you are required to register within seven days after you arrive the country. For violation of this requirement, you’ll have to pay a fine. We will help you register — with all the necessary documents and precisely in time.

Welcome Abroad Relocation Real Estate will help you:

  1.   Obtain primary documents to immigrate to Moscow or another Russian city: invitation letter, visa and others.
  2.   Obtain a study or work permit.
  3.   Obtain a permit for temporary or permanent residence in the Russian Federation.
  4.   Find an apartment to purchase or rent.
  5.   Resolve other issues related to relocation and repatriation.

Welcome Abroad Relocation Real Estate really cares about our clients — and helps to relocate both alone and with families.

Why you need to contact us

easy immigration to RussiaWelcome Abroad Relocation Real Estate offers you a convenient and fast way of immigration. We take care of all organizational issues. Our agents will save you from independent solving a puzzle. We will select an apartment for you and help you to register. We know: you made a decision to immigrate to Russia because you want to live there. And we will do everything that depends on us to make the beginning of this life comfortable.

Advantages of Welcome Abroad Relocation Real Estate:

  • We have been working for over 15 years and during this time we have helped a lot of clients to move to Russia.
  • You will only communicate with our agents. No intermediaries and personal negotiations with third parties!
  • The agency solves problems as quickly as possible, in full compliance with Russian laws.
  • We work 24 hours a day, without days-off and holidays.
  • We provide a full relocation cycle services, from receiving documents to packing and delivering your luggage to a new address.

The agency offers adequate prices for immigration services. Contact us — make the puzzle process simple and enjoyable!