Week-end Agenda

Among stars: Planetarium “The Universe of knowledge”: From 6 to 10 November, the Moscow Planetarium welcomes the festival “The Universe of knowledge”. Visitors will have the opportunity to see the demonstration of a 3D mapping-show upon the building’s dome, intend to free exhibitions and, what’s particularly good for children, participate in manual woks and masterclasses.

Buy your tickets here : https://tickets.planetarium-moscow.ru

Baikal at VDNKH: In Moskvarium at VDNKH on the 9th of November, the festival “Baikal, the magic of water” will be held. All visitors are invited to take part in free mater classes, to familiarize themselves with the culture of the Baikal indigene population, play an ecological game and see some landscapes of this magnificent lake. A good occasion to see the socialist realism style VDNKH park, the famous Worker and Kolkhoz Woman statue and take a walk into the nearby botanic garden. A wonderful destination both for those who came to Moscow a long time ago and for newcomers.

Buu your tickets here : https://tickets.moskvarium.ru

Flea market in the middle of the old city: The 9th and 10th of November, in the cultural center “Dom” will be a flea market, where many items varying from ancient to old will be displayed. Porcelains and vintage costumes, crockery, cutlery, silverware… all sorts of objects keeping their secrets for stirring up your imagination. This outing might be a part of a bigger walk in the district of historical buildings and old churches.

Address: Per. Bolshoy Ovchinnikovskiy 24 in the Zamoskvorechye District

More info : http://bloshinkamarket.ru/