Week-End Agenda

– « Modern art of retail »: Exhibition in The Center of Contemporary art M’ARS together with X5 Retail Group and Krokin Gallery. The exhibition is interactive.  Business’ world is not as far from the art’s world as it might seem. Often, the intersection of commerce and art gave the world new names and concepts, and sometimes in a fundamental way changed the fate of artists and corporations. The result is for example Savador Dali that has invented one of the most recognizable food designs, which we can see daily in the supermarkets: the Chupa Chups logo. And Andy Warhol raised the advertising design to a new level, making it the basis of his work.

Learn more and buy your tickets here: https://centermars.ru/projects/x5group/?lang=en


– Christmas market “Eskimo fest”: The Artplay Design center welcomes an enormous garage sale. There, you’ll enjoy gifts and a cheerful atmosphere. 80 participants will come to sell their wardrobe from Zara to Gucci at really attractive prices.  You’ll find Sandro sweaters for 2500 rubles, Nike shoes for 2000 rubles and much more.

Learn more on the event’s page: https://www.facebook.com/events/438488780403785/


– Have dinner and a drink at the Mayak: Mayak is a pun, in Russian “mayak” means “lighthouse”. This is the reason why the restaurants logo is a lighthouse. This restaurant is next to the Mayakovsky Theatre, one of the oldest halls in Moscow: Sarah Bernhardt performed there. On Friday night, Directors, actors and writers meet in a warm and friendly atmosphere. The restaurant and bar is open for everyone. Going there, you’ll probably enjoy people playing the piano or opera singers revisiting some Gipsy Kings’ songs… who knows?! Each evening is different!

Address : 19, Bolshaya Nikistkaya