Tverskaya 8, home in the heart of Moscow

This amazing place is on Tverskaya 8 in the heart of Moscow. Ideal place for a single person or a couple (without kids), located in a lively area with convenient stores and a great deal of restaurants and bars close by. It is really breathtaking and so close to all important things happening in Moscow. A duplex apartment with 4 rooms (3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms) and an astonishing view. And to keep you warm during long Russian winter, it has a fireplace. Don’t wait, make this place your new home in Moscow and call us!!! Многие любят расслабляться на досуге, просматривая частное порно видео . Подобный досуг как нельзя популярен среди раскрепощённых людей. Посетите и наш сайт. Мы уверенны, Вам понравится.

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