They are watching you…

You may have already seen videos of car accidents in Russia while surfing on the web. Rest assured! We don’t want to scare you, it’s not the reflect of what driving in Russia is like! Have you ever wondered why there are so many videos of that kind?

These car accidents have no link with the fact that the driver is filming with his/her phone and is not paying attention on what is happening on the road. The accumulation of this number of videos is due to a simple reflex taken by the Russians. Indeed, in Russia cars are considered as a symbol of “social success” and for this reason they take care about it. So be careful not to scratch a car body in the street or touch a bumper while parking. The slightest scratch can result in a report with the police. In order to avoid any fraud or police corruption the Russians install cameras in their cars. Putting a camera in his/her car is legal and the video can be used as evidence. However, it cannot be used as main evidence as it can be modified.

The price of the videoregistrator, as they call it, ranges from 700 to 5000 roubles. The most sophisticated cameras add information about the recordings, such as time, date, location and even speed.

When two cars have an accident in Russia, an amicable statement may be drawn up between the two drivers, if they agree on the circumstances of the accident and the damage does not exceed 25,000 roubles. Beyond that, it is mandatory to call the police. Здесь зрелые мамки соблазняют своих пасынков, а после беспощадно трахаются с ними куда только возможно. Смотрите не пожалеете – трах с пасынком . Тут развратные мамаши сосут толстые члены у своих пасынков и позволяют им смачно трахать себя во все дырки.