It only takes one spark for the fire to take !

The balcony is very convenient, especially for city dwellers! It’s a little outdoor piece just for you where you can just smoke a cigarette, have a barbecue with your friends or have a romantic candlelight dinner!

But here it is: in 2019 in Russia, 1,800 fires have been recorded and it is mainly the smokers responsible for these disasters. That is why, in the name of the fight against fire, a decree has provided for a ban from October 1st on all “open fires” on private balconies. This was without counting on the almost immediate indignation of smokers.
The case made enough noise to be reported back to the Kremlin. However, the measure was withdrawn 48 hours later. In Russia, the majority of citizens are living in buildings. As a result, many residents rose up and criticized the government for making a law that favoured “the rich who have their own homes”.

While some thought that this new ban would apply only to barbecues, the government subsequently clarified that it would also be prohibited to light candles and smoke.

If a fire starts after the violation of these rules, fines can range from 3,000 to 5,000 roubles (from 40 to 70 €), or even up to criminal prosecution depending on the claim.

In recent years, there has been less room for smokers in Russia, with smoking prohibited in bars and restaurants, as in France, but also on the cafes’ terraces and in many public places. And then between us, with winter coming, this ban is timely! It will save you from catching a cold by going out to smoke your cigarette!

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