Motorcycles in the city!

Today 5th of May instead of tanks, motorcycles will rule the city. They start their parade at 11.30h, drive through the city, and finish at 12.30h. They want to make people aware that motorcycle season is beginning and that you have to be careful, not to run over them in cars?.  The route will be through streets listed below – and they finish at Vorobyovy gory, where you can also come and enjoy view of the bikes. And just to add that this means city is closed for traffic!

— проспект Академика Сахарова (старт);

— Садовая-Спасская улица;

— проспект Мира (из центра);

— улица Бориса Галушкина (разворот);

— проспект Мира (в центр);

— Садовая-Сухаревская улица;

— Большая Садовая улица;

— Садовая-Кудринская улица;

— Зубовский бульвар;

— улица Крымский Вал;

— Фрунзенская набережная;

— Комсомольский проспект;

— Университетский проспект;

— Воробьевы горы (финиш).


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