Moscow Apps Survivor Kit n°9 – Yandex Eda

You don’t feel like cooking but haven’t planned on going out tonight under the rain ?

Then you should use Yandex Eda to choose which restaurant from your neighborhood you want to bring home tonight !

Though the app is in Russian only it is easy to understand with little vocabulary.
Enter your adress in the top search area in order to find out the restaurant  which you can order from.
Dying for sushis? The search can be filtered by the type of food with illustrative pictograms. The choice is quite large and ranges from sushi, veggy and healthy food to burger, pizza sandwich and shawarma. roksa. Sugar lovers can even choose deserts!
Click on the picture of a restaurant on the list to find out more about its ratings by customer, menu and prices as well as delivery options (delivery is available when a motorcycle appears under the name of the restaurant).
You can order for the same day and up to the day after (change time by clicking on it at the side of the picture)
Once you have found out the perfect menu for your dinner just add it to your cart and follow instructions!
Now you just have to wait and enjoy bringing your favorite nearby restaurant home for dinner!