Moscow apps survivor kit N°6 – 3 apps to get your taxi!

Uber, Yandex Taxi and Gett taxis : here are the three apps which allow you to quickly order a taxi in Moscow. Fares may vary from one ride to another so you will have to compare for yourself.
Most options are the same : car category (economy, confort..), size (such as vans if you are many people) and kids options…
If you have small children you can also ask for a child seat in the commentary area, an extra charge will be added (100 rub generally) instead of using the child category of car.
Each of the app has its good points. Gett allows you to order in advance by clicking on the blue sentence “book a future ride” once you have set you pickup point while you can ask for vehicle allowing animal transport on Yandex. ESCORTZONE. Uber and Yandex also show you in real time where drivers are located and allow you to pay cash or with apps like Google/Apple Pay in addition to the usual credit card.
So there you go! But don’t forget to check the trafic 😉
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