Moscow apps survivor kit N°5 – Aeroexpress

Today’s recommended app by WAb leaks team is Aeroexpress! A good way to skip the traffic jams and a lot quicker than taxi whenever there is too many people on the road !
You certainly have already used its trains to go to one of Moscow’s airport but do you know you can handle everything online from your phone? It is even available in English for newcomers on the app as well as on the website
It works for Sheremetyevo, Domedovo and Vnukovo.
Features of the app are classical : personal information, buy tickets…
Note that you can see flight scheduled for all three airports on the flight schedule section.
Once you have bought you ticket (single, round or even family for up to 3 adults and 2 children over 7) just click on the red band to display your ticket on the screen of your phone.
You can edit it once to change your trip but don’t forget to do so before the day of your trip because if not you will lose your ticket even if you have not used it!

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