Moscow apps survivor kit – N°4 Velobike

Spring is here and bikes are out! It is time to add the Velobike application to your Moscow apps survivor kit. Biking in Moscow is nice (you can even rent electric bikes on some stations) , quick (what a joy to overtake cars stuck in traffic jam!) and easy with the Velobike application which is even available in English !

Open an account with your first name, last name, phone and email.

Once confirmed you will have to pay for you access depending on the duration you want to be able to use Velobike : day, month, or season (approximately from mid april to mid october). посетить сайт. If you opt for the season, you can also choose to have 45 min free of charge instead of 30 min (which is convenient as distance are long in Moscow!)

The map shows all the stations and their status.

Click on a station to have detailed information about the free spaces for parking, the number of bikes available

Once at the station, enter your login and password on the terminal of the bike you want to rent and you are done!

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