Moscow apps survivor kit – N°3 Yandex Transport

Our selection continues with Yandex Transport : the navigation tool which will help you find your way anywhere in Russia!
Open the app and you will see not only the metro stations nearby but also the buses or tramways passing by your address.
Just enter the address (in English, French or Russian) and the app gives you all the possible itineraries and means of transport to get there : bus, metro, tramway… Онлайн казино Франк – лучшее место для игры на реальные деньги. Переходи по ссылке – и регистрируйся. Once in the search mode, it will even remind you not to forget your stop!
It is particularly useful for hard-to-find Russian addresses with hidden “stroene” and “podiezd” , and it works well throughout the country ! As such it is a good addition to classic applications that provide the map of Moscow metro for example, such as Mosmetro or Yandex Metro.
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