Moscow app survivor kits n°7 – Whoosh! Russian electric scooter for rent

Electric scooters are available again for rent in Moscow city center, and could well help those who want to go fast without too much sweat 😉

If you want to rent one without too much trouble, we suggest you download Whoosh! from the App or Google Store. После королевского минета семя любовника оказалось на лице молодой подруги. It is convenient for foreign citizens as their website and app are available in English, with clear indications on how to use their service and an very easy registration : no need to enter you passport or wait for you registration to be validated!

Another plus is the fact that you have a lot of stations to get and park your scooter within the first ring of Moscow, and you can check the level of battery of the scooter online before you take it, in order to avoid bad suprises! Just don’t forget that you cannot cross to ride outside the first ring (remote control will turn off the engine)

You will be charged 50 rub at the start of your journey and 5 rub per minute after that, which sums up to 350 rub for the first hour. Additionnal fares are then offered by the app.

Note that other apps also exist such as Delisamokat and Youdrive Lite (registration implies scanning you passport)

There you go, just watch out for pedestrians on those little things as they can go faaasst!


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