Missing winter, enjoy the Ice Cave!

On 18th of May Ice Cave will open in Zaryadye park. Although winter was not that far away, heat is building up in Moscow, so why not cool down in an original ice labyrinth!

Visitors will set out on a journey to the kingdom of ice and snow. They will be able to see the beauty of ice crystals covering the pillars and the walls of the cave, and experience the grandeur of the northern nature. Accent lighting will imitate the glimmer of light on the walls, while the floor lights will add to the mysterious atmosphere.

It is not recommended to stay longer than 15 min, because it is freezing cold. But it is another unique Moscow thing to see. The session will be every 30 min. It opens in the morning at 10.30h and tickets are 200 rub for grownups and 100 rub for kids

Enjoy the freezing cold at the beginning of summer. LadyX. And anyway, if you haven’t yet, you need to visit beautiful Zaryadye park!!!


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