Kolomenskoye is blooming!

Yes it has been raining this week, but the sun is now back so it is time to head for Kolomenskoye park!
Flowers are blooming everywhere, from apple trees in the orchard to lilas and lawns…

If you already know the park that is all there is to say, but if not just follow our lead

You can access the park by taking the southbound green line 2 and getting out at Kolomenskaya or Kashirskaya stations. Pay attention to your train as one out of 5 takes a turn just before Kolomenskoi. If you go out at Kashirskaya you will first discover the wooden palace of the tsar Alexei Mikhailovitch which has been meticulously reconstructed (whereas Kolomenskaya station is not too far from the open air museum – see end of the article)

Leaving the palace behind you and heading north you will discover the orchard, with lines of apple trees. Хочешь посмотреть классный реальный инцест? Тогда бегом переходи по ссылке, здесь инцест домашка уже давно ждет тебя. Просто включай любое понравившееся видео и начинай кайфовать. It is just beautiful in spring and don’t forget you can pick up the apples when fall comes! You can then go down to walk by the river banks and head back up to the pyramidal white church of the Ascension whose bells ring every hour. Going further you will find the blue topped church dedicated to Our Lady of Kazan.
Heading north again you can have a snack in one of the numerous little wooden restaurants.

Going left you will exit the parc to the Kolomenskaya station, 5 minutes walking straight ahead, and going right you will find attractions for kids, and entry to the open air museum (Proyezdnyye Vorota Nikolo-Korel’skogo Monastyrya, Ansambl’ Usad’by Kolomenskoye) with wooden buildings coming from various areas of Russia.

Here is the overall walk just described before with location points for bicycle in bonus
Enjoy! And don’t forget confy shoes, the park is large 😉

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