Historical times take over Moscow!

As the rest of the Europe is burning up, Moscow is a great place to be this summer. Also when there is such a great festival around the corner, from 10th till 22nd of August – Times and Epochs!

The festival will transform the city to ages that have gone by. From stone age to more recent events. Throughout the city we will be able to enter past times. On different squares different times will be presented, with food from the times as well as the events that took place.

You will be able to walk with knights, meet Napoleons army, try medieval cuisine and so much more. The best way to plan your visit is to go to their internet page and check on the festival map what would interest you the most. Good news is, it is in English, кастинг порно , секс на камеру в лучших кастинг студиях here is the link – http://historyfest.ru/en/map/

Enjoy the nice warm summer and learn something about history firsthand. And don’t forget to enjoy the sun while it is still here?!

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