Flying without wings!

If you are just a small adrenaline junkie, this one is just for you. We tested Aerotuba in Aviapark. It is an amazing experience for a whole family!

The experience is like jumping of the plane without parachute, but you are safe in an enclosed space and you are not more than 2 to 3 metres above ground.

there are more of them in Moscow, but we visited the one in Aviapark. So no worry about parking and where you will get your energy back after the flight (meaning food intake?).

You need to book time in advance. 8 minutes for two people cost 4400 roubles, and you don’t need to take more because it is really exhausting. You will need to come 30 min before scheduled time, in order to get dressed and get through training with the instructor.

Then you get on the ghust of air and fly. And the 4 min are devided into two, so you have time to get your energy back. It is also suitable for kids. You can book your time on their page or just call them Если вам нравится обычный секс для просмотра, то так же само должен понравиться и семейный, который все таки отличается еще большей страстью. Сами включить порно тв инцест инцест.cc на своих экранах и убедитесь в этом. Для первого раз как раз идеально подойдет трах братьев и сестер, а лучше когда им там в одной комнате много.

just be prepared to feel every muscle in your body the day after, but it is good working pain?!


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