Bikes are in the city!

This time of the year is here again, when you need to get your bikes,

dress up and enjoy driving around Moscow garden ring without any traffic.

This weekend, 20th of May Moscow biking day is on.

There will first be a bike race from 8.30 till 11h.

At 11h you need to be ready with your bikes at Academician Sakharov Avenue

(you can acces it only from Kalancheskaya street, so plan your trip well).

Start is at 12h. You will be able to drive all around Garden ring! The views are amazing.

If you don’t have a bike and you still want to exercise on 20th May

there will also be a half marathon. Starting at 9h.

All info you can find in english here –

The route will also take you to amazing places around Moscow!

And be aware that it also means that the centre will be closed for traffic.

So if you plan to move around the city leave your cars at home!

We just hope the weather will stay nice with no rain, and see you on the bikes!!





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