Bike around Moscow, it is easy and cheap!

Finally the time of the year has arrived where you can run around Moscow on a bike! And with Moscow city bikes it is cheap and easy. And this year they enlarged number of locations where you can get the bikes.  There is no problem to rent them, even if you are threatened by complicated instuctions. Here is ‘How to’ in a few steps:

VERY IMPORTANT- any type of rent you choose, you have 45 min without paying anything on top of rent. So, if you change bike every 45 min, you pay only the rent??

1. Register yourself on the internet site (just input your name and phone and register)

2. You get SMS with Login and Pin

3. Download app велобайк

4. In the app choose which type of rent you will have (daily 150 rub, monthly 600 rub) and pay with your card

5. In the app find nearest location with bikes, turn on the bike’s screen and type in your login and pin


6. When you are done just leave the bike at the station and wait till it says Ok on the screen, and the bike is locked (returning bike every 45 min, means no additional payment!)

Enjoy Moscow from a bike perspective??‍♀️??

And, trust us, it is better to do it without a dog?!


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