Best Wingman for your move!! Told by an Expat wife

Your life can change in one day, especially if you are an expat. One day you live your life in your own country, knowing all the people you need to know and knowing all the places you need, to make your life relaxed and easy. Then a day comes when you need to move to another city, another country. And it is so much different from a tourist trip. You know you need to make that place a new home, which will have all the things you had before so that your whole family can adapt easily and without stress.

I learned myself how important it is to find the right partner at this point, a wingman. The company usually gives you an agency that helps you with the transition and finding the apartment. If I only knew then that I must request the best for me and my family. I did the search quite in a hard way. With a little help of the agency I immersed myself in online apartment search for an apartment in Moscow. And this is really not easy, especially as you don’t know what is considered centre of the city; do I find an apartment close to school or better close to my husband’s work. So many questions and not enough answers. If I only knew at that point that there is an International agency helping you find the best possible place for you in Moscow. Not International, just by their name, but by actual people working there who are not only Russian but from all around the world. And though this doesn’t seem very important to you now, believe me it really is of utmost importance.

These people can actually adapt to your needs. And you don’t need to search the internet about ‘How to talk to Russians’, ‘Do Russians mean what they say’, ‘Why Russians are so serious?’.

Coming to Welcome Abroad agency showed me that there are people who truly listen to your needs and become your partner. Asking questions about your life and interests in order to find the best possible place for you to live in Moscow. There was also a big secret revealed right after I started with them. You really need to know that the agency searches all possible properties for you, and not just the ones handled by the company relocating you. They need to be good negotiators, because Russians do negotiate, and with the current market overview it looks as if you still can squeeze prices a bit.

And when you meet the International guys in Welcome Abroad, after the first impression, you will see that they know which questions need to be asked. They are the ones who are also half ‘Alien’ to Moscow and that makes them a perfect choice for Wingmen who will do their best to find what you are looking for and to make your new place feel like home in no time. Also as Yann Sotty (Founder and Chairman) likes to say: Our mantra is ‘Happy wife, happy life!’ And I cannot agree more from an expat wife point of view. It is really true. So, if you are planning on moving to Moscow or you are thinking of changing apartment, don’t be a stranger, contact Welcome Abroad and see for yourself that the best Wingmen is right here in front of you.

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