best places to enjoy Victory day!

It is really hard to miss that tomorrow is a big Russian holiday, Victory day.

All the streets in the centre will be closed as well as some metro stations (some stations you will not be able to enter and exit – check it on Yandex metro app) , so leave your cars at home and enjoy long walks in this beautiful weather.

Most people are interested where are the best spots to view parade and aviation. Actually you need to decide in which one you are interested more.

If you want to have a good view of the parade main thing is that you need to take your spot as early as 8.30h. If you would like to sit, enjoy coffee and breakfast try to take a restaurants or coffee places on Tverskaya at 8h which has a nice view on the street ( for example Ritz Carlton restaurant terrace). If you are ok to stand, there are few places. Best way is to see where parade is going (as shown in picture below) and take your place early in the morning. Otherwise it is easy to miss out on something. If you sleep in you can still try to catch the parade going from Red Square on Arbat around 11h.

On the other hand, if you prefer to see the aviation then take your place no later than 10h on Tverskaya Yamskaya street and on the White square near Beloruskaya train station.

But, if you are not interested to spend a day walking between tanks and want to enjoy nature, in all Moscow parks you will be able to feel the spirit of the holiday. And in the evening the skies will be lit with   amazing, big fireworks – start at 22h!

Enjoy great weather and a very special holiday in Russia!