Barbecue your heart out!

The summer weather draws us to take the meat and put it on the grill! But, sometimes, it is not an easy thing to do in Moscow. So, for all the grill lovers, definitely go to Sokolniki park this weekend.

From 27th till 29th there will be a barbecue feast, everyday from 12h till 22h. Over 30 restaurants will present the way they do barbecue so you can enjoy the feeling of being outside but still having a perfectly prepared barbecue.

The best thing is that there will be masterclasses on how to grill the best meat ever. And it is always good to get some info on something everybody knows how to do, just not in the same perfect way?!

And while enjoying your grilled meat and vegetables you can relax in the beautiful park, with some music and feeling of the forest!

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