2019 Victory day parade in Moscow (May the 9th)

Rehearsal and preparation for the celebration of Pobedy day on the 9th of May (in memory of the Russian victory in World War 2) have begun.
Check out here the schedule of closed roads and direct information from website of Moscow city.
Here is what you need to know :
On the 7th of May from 10:30 AM to 1PM the Marshal Vasilevsky road to the Kurtchatov square will be closed for the march of the “Immortal Battallion” when Russian citizens walk carrying pictures in memory of their relatives fallen at war. What started as a small march in 2007 is now a huge gathering
Note that on the same day and at the same time is the final rehearsal for the parade of the 9th of May (on the exact itinerary that will be followed on the 9th), so you can get a glimpse of the parade before its official day
On the 9th of May (day of the parade), find below the itinerary and closed roads. And at 10PM on the 9th don’t miss the fireworks which will be sent in many areas of Moscow (Red Square, Poklonnaya and Sparrow Hills)!


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